Sunday, March 10, 2013

Glendora Mt Road

March 1st 2013

Had a dream about Me and Manish (Lal) going over to MH for lunch. And for some strange reason, Karthik Sukumar was with us. We went in a car and got down at MH, then had lots of dosa and idli for breakfast. The chutney was really good. Then it was like Karthik started smoking. Weird.

 Came to office early. Had a quick presentation to give. Then wrapped up some work.

Afternoon went to pick Archana from the car-rental shop. She was flying back today and had to return her car. To my surprise, I saw a white Chrysler 300 Limited parked there. What a luck! My LEDs were back! Exchanged my pony for the white beauty. Boy! I was on cloud 9. And surprisingly this had GPS too. Was thanking God so much! If you wish strongly for something, as long as it is not a guy or a girl that you're wishing for, there is a very high probability that the universe would conspire to get it for you J .

Dropped her at the airport and came back to office. It was a long, heavy-traffic ride. Was tired.

Night had dinner at ISS with my housemate.

March 2nd 2013


Morning to office.

Afternoon grocery shopping and household chores.

Evening a walk at the Santa Fe Dam recreation area


March 3rd 2013

Visit to LACMA.

Boring and interesting at the same time. Can't believe people can keep staring at so-called-art-forms just like that. Ridiculous.

Later to office.


Week was full of work as usual. Still no internet at home.


Saturday March  9th 2013

Lot of household work and cleaning. Did a lot of shopping for grocery. Can't believe the amount came out to be that high.

Got Jacob's laptop to try the wifi and that too wasn't working.

Cooked aloo mutter. Came out well. But too much quantity!

Finished reading the Gita. Some of the last verses had some life-changing-decision-making effect. Lets see how long it lasts.  

Went to the $2 movie theatre at night to watch Wreck-it Ralph. Awesome movie. Great concept. Nice to see all the arcade characters. The kid was so adorable!


Sunday March 10th

Daylight saving time ends/begins – something happened and I lost an hour.

Finally the internet started working at home.

Did a lot of reading, cleaning up of my emails etc.

Late noon drove up the Glendora Mt Road.  Beautiful. Sharp turns. Was so tempted to drive recklessly. But the 300 felt heavy compared to the Pony. Didn't risk it. Place was beautiful.

Later work from home.

I see that the blog is just 9k visits away from 50k visitors! Phew.. and i'm getting some really good comments for my SAP posts. Don't know if its real or not...

God... Thank You and please be with me...

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