Monday, February 11, 2013

Vegas again!

Someday last week. Changed my mustang to get a Kia optima. Sad car. Seriously sad car. Had to give up my new love to be more practical.

Thursday night - drive to the LAX airport to pick up Ranjith. First time picking up someone from there. Smaller area than the Houston airport.

Friday morning. Reached office at 6:30am. Lots of work. Wrapped up by late noon. Then home. Then we guys had lunch with Archana. Then set off to Vegas.

Faced a small snow storm on the way. And I was expecting a desert.

Well, the desert did turn up later.

Long drive. And not a good car to drive. Bad sound system, bad suspension, horrible steering, noisy interiors, noisy controls.. if it weren't for the 32mpg that it gave, the Kia Optima would've been the worst driving machine in its class.

Reached Vegas. Kinda happy to see the place again. 

Walked a lot.

I lost $1 with gambling. This was an improvement over last time where I spent nothing, but, never again!

Walked a lot. Lazily watched movies in the hotel. Went into the M&M store.. 4 floors of candy and a free 3D movie.

It was a great break from work. The best weekend in LA so far. 

Dropped Ranjith at the airport yesterday night and returned home. 
This week is going to be a lot hectic again.

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