Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Real Endeavour


Got the California Drivers License.



Wanted to sleep well today. But couldn't. Woke up after 6am.

Got the focus changed ; only option available was a Mustang. Decided to keep it for a few days until I get the fuel-efficient Sonata or the Optima.

Was a surprise to see that it was the latest model – with the LCD screen in the dashboard having the Track options as well as accelerometer.

Then to office and started working and taking calls. Under pressure to get some work done. As always… I have to get my hands dirty if work needs completion. Something or the other always happens and no one can be dependent upon.

Lunch at Chipotle and then decided to take a break.

Decided to visit the bird sanctuary with Archana. She drove in her Focus.

But we couldn't locate the bird sanctuary. But somehow ended up near the California University. It was a beautiful. Made me want to be a part of college life again.

Walked around and realized the Endeavour space shuttle was nearby. Got tickets to see it.

It was awesome to see the real thing. Felt so good. I had been reading about it from childhood and here I was – standing inches away from a machine that had gone 11 times to space and back over a span of 10 years. Awesome human engineering marvel. And the videos they were showing only increased its awe.

The day wasn't over yet.

Wanted to have an early dinner (6pm) and went to India Sweet and Spices. But the gps took us to a different one; a better one.

Came back to office and I was driving the Focus.

While returning back home in the Mustang, suddenly felt the comfort of the seat and the ride. Wont ever say that the Mustang isn't good. It lacks space, true. But the large steering and the feel is incredible.

Plenty of work at home…God.. please help me pull through. Tomorrow gonna be work at office again!

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