Monday, December 3, 2012

All troubles come together

Hectic week.

Mom is having some back troubles.

Blackie's skin infection is still not going away. I feel very angry at the vets.

I was having some sinus/migraine problem for the week.

Plenty of work.

Plus some feedback I received wasn't very good to hear and did spoil my mood.

Only good thing is that I'm now driving a Chrysler 300 limited edition.

Close to a Durango effect. It huge and stable. It can move fast, and the braking too is awesome.


Saturday  12/1/2012

Went to the LA auto show along with Kanchana. It wasn't so great. I was already lucky enough to test majority of the models listed there, and hence didn't create much of an impact. Even the concept cars didn't strike much.

Then had lunch at Biryani factory at Arcadia. Eating an Indian Biryani after a long time.

From evening to night, again a lot of hectic work.


Sunday 12/2/2012

Took the keys for my new room at Covina. The owner impressed me as a guy who is very organized. I got that feeling much earlier too and this time, when he gave me four keys in a key-chain, each arranged in sequence according to the level of entry, I was astounded.

Raining badly. Dangerous freeways.

Shifted some stuff to the new house. Setup the wifi, did laundry and then came to the office. At night jumped a red signal on the way back - coz it wasn't turning green despite several minutes and two cars ahead of me went ahead doing the same.

Three more days of hotel stay.

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