Friday, November 16, 2012

Filling the missing blanks

Finally… I decide to set aside work and fill in the documentation in life.

31st Oct 2012

Had booked Olacabs for 7pm. Till 7pm. They were saying that a cab would be provided. 5 min later they said no cabs are available and it was a system issue. Pathetic.

Consistent rains didn't do any good to ease my troubles. Walked out of alpine eco to check for autos. The one that was there didn't agree to go to Madiwala. Waited for sometime. Got one guy luckily. Told him to wait and then walked back to get my bag. Heavy. Somehow managed to carry it on my head to the entrance and into the auto. My clothes stand was there too. Just as I was about to get in the auto, an elderly couple from Alpine Eco came by and asked me if they could come too to a hospital on the way. No way could I say no. In a second, I had a hundred thoughts about seeing my parents in the same situation and wished badly someone would be there to help them in my absence. Luggage was a problem, but they were ready to adjust. They sat with it in the back while I sat with the auto-driver in the front seat. They got down at some hospital near Marthahalli. I refused to take any money from them.

Have to admit, the auto driver was impressive. It was a life-threatening ride in the rain – the auto just had an inch gap from the other vehicles at many places. Interestingly this was the only second time I got into an auto at Bangalore. The first was on my first day in Bangalore. Got a call from Slo and Bachi on the way. Reached well on time. Thank God!

But the bus was late. Very late. Couldn't sleep well in the bus too.

1st Nov 2012

Reached home late in the morning. Was a holiday, but had lots of work to complete from home. And tried to work night hours.

2nd Nov 2012

Full of work. Nothing else.

3rd Nov 2012

Shopping with Mom till noon. Then packing till night.

4th Nov 2012

Got to the Tvm airport 3 hrs before the flight only to find out that the flight has been delayed by 45min.

Long wait. Sleepy. And reading SAP documentation on my kindle wasn't the best of things to do while bored. Flight took of with a delay.

Reached Dubai some 40 min late. The airport was big. Too big. Almost ran and was shocked to hear at the boarding gate that due to the flight delay, they had already given our seats to waitlisted passengers. Had a hotel stay.

Further to my shock – realized I didn't have a bag on my shoulders that I was carrying a while ago. That had my visa documents etc. Prayed with all might and walked a long way back to the security check; relief it was there.

Next headache – how to make a phone call to the US. Laptop didn't catch the wifi to make a call. I first sent a message on FB to my manager, then emailed him.

Then bought an Etisalat card and made the calls peacefully.

Then a long wait to get out of the airport. And I was on Dubai roads to the Airport Hotel. I had wished to see and feel the roads again, and this is how God gave me the chance! Of course he knows me too well that he decided not to make me spend anything on the Visa also!

Roamed a bit outside in the afternoon. Boy the heat is the same! Thankfully it was the onset of winter.

And wherever I turned, there was a keralite person!!!!!! I actually walked out to find an Etisalat booth to make a call to the US and then home. But had to walk a lot to find one.

Saw a branch of my school; and was shocked to see a futuristic looking metro terminal right in front of it. And I did see several Unicorns and Pulsars. That was something new. While I was a kid there, I always thought it would make more sense for Dubai to have motorcycles, and it did turn out right.

Walked back to the hotel and had a long sleep. Woke up early evening. Took a free shuttle to the Deira City Centre. Had to shop for a pair of clothes. And ran into an old classmate Abeer! I was hoping to see more of my buddies there, but that didn't work out. The internet wasn't available, it was a working day and I didn't have anyone's numbers.

Reached back at the hotel again. Decided to spend a few bucks to visit the Dubai mall. Got driven in an awesome Lexus car to the Dubai Mall. Not so great, but the aquarium was breathtaking! And outside it was just like a mini Las Vegas. With dancing fountains. And it was great to see the Burj Khalifa! Took a few snaps, and returned back to the hotel in a local taxi. There ended my fascination with Dubai.

5th November 2012

The flight was on time the next day. Saw the world islands while taking off from Dubai. Looked scary! Couldn't sleep much in the flight. Was reading SAP notes again and writing down notes most of the time!

5th November 2012 (timezone PST)

Landed at LA. Took a bit for the luggage to arrive. Not easy carrying all alone. Especially the one without the wheels. Took a shuttle to Avis. Then rented a car, drove to the hotel. 45min drive. Felt very much at ease on the roads there. Didn't feel like it was 2 months that I left. But a corolla is definitely not what I would want to drive! Did a quick freshen up at the hotel and drove to the office. Reached at 5pm, met folks and my manager, got work assigned and then reached home at night after a subway dinner.  Felt very much at ease in the new place, don't know why.

6th Nov 2012 to 9th Nov 2012.

Very very hectic workload.

California is beautiful, but no time to enjoy the beauty.

9th Nov 2012

Got a Ford Fusion. Later realized it's the SE model and not the SEL. Sad! Driving without Bluetooth and an MP3 player is a pain! And California traffic is horrible! I miss Houston for that! This place is so expensive also!

10th Nov 2012

Drove to Santa Monica beach with Archana. I'm never a beach person and it was plain and neat and all, but after all , it's a beach. What will I do at a beach! The walkway was pretty though. Then some shopping and back home at night.

11-16th Nov 2012

Hectic workload.  Might be working over the weekend too. Plus have to look out for an apartment. 

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