Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dreaming of a Kerala trip

Some dream in which I met up with a couple after their marriage and I was going to some shopping place in their car...

Monday, December 8, 2014

Dream again

Some airport while I was travelling.. met with a senior director in a weird situation.
Of all the things that I could dream of, this had to happen..

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Walking and walking

Finally did the waterfall hike that was left incomplete. Woke up everyone in the morning for the hike.
Las Penasquitos. The gang.
11.4 km walking.
Converting to km does make it look longer.

Some argument again to spoil my mood and it will remain spoilt unless I get to know the real reason.
Krishna every word said to hurt someone is a sin. And there is no way out from this world without paying its price. I believe the same goes for silence too... Please be with me.

Took Anjali to Avis at balboa for her new car. One more woman becomes independent.
Lunch with Uday and AB at ABs place.

Then laundry outside.
Again sleeping on the bench.

Sigh. Need to plan to do the laundry biweekly. Meaning I have to have more clothes to survive for two weeks at a stretch.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Julian apple pie

Dropped Ramona waterfall hike plan due to absence of water... Both at the fall and with us three.

Drove to Julian. Hiked near some cattle.
Some lake, apple pie and some weird stuff done on the car.
The apple pie was awesome.

Soledad at night

Lots of work for the week. Beginning to appreciate work in a different way now.
But not happy about something going on currently. Very hard to understand why people behave in some ways.

Yesterday evening went with Roopali to Mt Soledad. Good night view of san Diego.

Morning with roopali and uday to Julian

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pending blogging

Dear me... please get back into blogging more... 

Sept 6

Torrey Pines hike with Roopali and Brian.

Nice place.


Sept 7

Potluck at Gables with the GBP team. Lots of food.


Sep 8

Dishwasher incident at gables.



Potato chip hike with AB, Roopali, Shiva, Dipu and Uday



Trip with AB and Roopali to Oceanside and nearby area. Very quick trip in the morning. Surprised to see seals near the boat piers.

Then to the onam celebration at Poway.

Was not very happy to eat with a spoon and fork on onam, and that too on a paper plate; but the food was fine. Was surprised and did feel weird to see so many mallus at one place. Over 300.

Then went to the gem show with AB.

Later cooking at night and some work.



Really got upset again at work due to one conversation; but this time I was determined not to let my emotions get the better of me. Didn’t want to do something, but had to do it. First experience, felt very bad, but never again.



Cowles Mt Hike with the gang. Was good.

La Jolla shores at night. New experience



A half-completed waterfall hike. Not a good day.



Old Town San Diego visit with the gang. Later sunset.


Some other important thing happening.. have to list down history of that someday…


Neck pain

Bad neck pain going on for two days. 
And life is getting back to the crazy work hours again after a short break.