Monday, April 21, 2014


Team dinner. Cornered and questioned. Cornered and advised. Marriage.
Plenty of valid points, but I am not finding it strong enough to consider.
What to do... As usual the story is that everyone i like is either married or committed or definitely not-my-types. If all the three match, then the future scenarios dont look promising. Sigh. Life.
Why worry. Plenty of time ahead! In You I trust Krishna. I won't pray to get anything, You've made me realize that everything is already preset and I dont have to argue with You. Lets see what you have set for me in the next few days. I won't pray to get it or to not get it. You know my sins and my deeds.. So waiting.
And yeah, I deactivated my fb account yesterday.

Test went to attend Neelimas birthday celebrations at culver city. Only the red bull gang was there. Varnica is expecting.
Had some awesome home made food.
Then to Malibu temple.
Then for a quick hike.
Then back home. Felt so sleepy but the tv didn't allow me to sleep early.
Krishna, please dont give me so much work to do in the next few weeks. Might just be the last I get to see.
Love You!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Days are simply flying by

Don't remember the last day I posted.
Past few weeks have been terrible.
Just stuck with work.
Today wanted to get out to get some fresh air. But was too late again due to work. Had to buy groceries. But stopped at the south coast plaza to walk. Typing from there.
Lot of negative thoughts over the past several days. Krishna.. You know what exactly I am wishing for, and You know exactly what You will give to me.
Please be with me. Next week is going to be a decision maker. Fingers crossed.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

An impressive couple

Just managed 5 hrs sleep. Very tires and eyes were closing. At costa mesa office till 7pm.
I'm impressed with Vinit and Urvi.
Each has their own style of working, but both get the work done. And Urvis skill in picking up some items is commendable.
Very tired.
Whole weekend gone.
Does get really suffocated within the building on a weekend. Tried to take a walk at the south coast plaza but turned back soon.. Not many people plus mood wasn't right.

Another beautiful day lost

Evening to costs mesa office. The gang was there. Worked till 9 and then dinner at tandoori Indian cuisine.

Morning 10am to next 2 30am.
Coding and coding at costs mesa.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Decorations at south coast plaza

Unexpectedly had a quick few min visit to the south coast plaza along with saurabh. Got to see some decorations.
Then took him to the Indian store to shop and then to the chino hills temple.
Evening after dropping him took a pit stop at a tiny park to take a walk.


The accident at home .. Toyota acceleration problem.. That uncle had to crash into the garage and break the gas pipeline.. A few days back... Been showering under cold water since then... Had to come out for the laundry service today.
Soon have to goto the airport to pick up saurabh.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Earthquake experience

Came home early ... 8pm.. and decided to work.
All the previous nights had been well past midnight in office.
Uncle and aunty had ordered pizza. He was enjoying singing out loud.
Was having pizza, he suddenly said earthquake. 
I thought he was shaking his leg and making fun. But then realized the floor was moving left and right.
Lasted for some 15s i think.
I was slowly moving out, though I knew the best practice was to go under the table.
By the time i stepped out, it was over. Saw one hanging light outside still oscillating.
Magnitude 5.3
Came to know today that one of the leader's home was damaged, books down etc..

I updated fb yesterday. One person pinged to find out more. ANother called. 

Krishna... would have been good to make a clean exit right..

Worked late.
Today also work from home. Stomach upset after having chipotle after a long time. Wonder how i had it during all the road trips.
Aunty was saying it must be because I ate too fast.
That might be true. Coz all the trips I had company to sit and eat slowly.