Saturday, July 19, 2014

Closing down on vacation

Don’t know what I blogged last.

Been a great break from the US life. Though work was tough, there is nothing like being with your family.

Though I repent losing out too much time at Hyderabad, it was great catching up with Luke and seeing some old familiar faces.


Did get to take time off from work in the past week. Though a few calls were held here and there, stepping out from work really helped.

Every day running around for something or the other.


Tuesday 8th July 2014 – Meghana was born. I went amidst work to visit her. First experience seeing a new born on the first day. Could see Shyam bro being so happy.


11 July 2014

Dad collapsed again. Went with him to the ESI hospital. Was fine later.


Sunday 13th July – Went with dad and mom to visit Meghana. Then to Poojapura to help out with the pre-wedding stuff for Rajani chechi. Did a lot of work. Serving, cleaning etc. Aunt was telling a bunch of people in a positive manner … “look at an engineer from the US picking up used banana leaves trash”

Dropped aunt Kala at poozhikunnu; she fell from the bike in front of the mills. Wasn’t used to my bike and it was her first time; was also carrying a bag in her hand so wasn’t catching tight.

I went back home to feed Bommu and close the chicken; they were smart and were already inside the cage.

After that went back to Poojapura to continue helping.


Monday 14th July

Wedding day.

As long as you are not the one organizing, weddings are fun.

Got to be a part of some of the formalities.

Returned back late afternoon.

Then went for the rest of the formalities in the evening.



Tuesday 15th July.

Was to head out to Poojapura to help with some more formalities post the wedding. But official calls came in and I had to cancel the post-wedding celebrations.

Later met Sabu on the way.

Got fully drenched in the rain.  Vellayambalam has changed a lot.

Realized the importance of having water and shock resistant watches in Kerala.

Was sad to find that I had lost my indian driving license somewhere.


Wednesday 16th July

At CGPU. Met Samson sir.

Morning trip for my sister’s sim card.

Then bought a solar powered titan watch.

Then trip to Kochi.

Met LnT and then had dinner with my sis and her fiancé.

Then with Gemo.


Thursday 17th July

Tour of the startup village with Gemo.

Met Rizwan there.

Then at Lulu mall.

Then back home. Walked a while from the pettah railway station. Then had to wait a lot for the bus; finally asked my dad to turn up.


Friday 18th July

Met Anu in college and collected the inauguration pass from Samson sir.

Saw the new electronics block.

Met up with a few of my teachers.

Interesting how they remember me for the size of my project report.

Later evening went to college.

Met Naju (1996 batch) from Infosys and also Arun from Wipro.

Felt good attending the 75th anniversary celebrations. The president of India, governor of kerala, CM, Mayor, Shashi Tharoor. A lot of people.

High security.

Returned back at night.

Felt good being in college again. Really good.


Saturday 19th July

Almost whole day running around..

First to kazhakootam RTO.

Then to Trivandrum RTO.

Then back to the former place.

Finally nothing worked.

Missed out on some of the stuff to buy.

Sigh. Going to miss out on a lot of stuff.


Krishna… thanks for some great time.. Owe You a lot… Back to the grind.. Please be with me.


Sleep is the biggest luxury

When I look at bommu in my room cuddling up and sleeping.. I just say.. Lucky dog.
Not getting enough sleep.

This was blogged some long time back.. Was still in my phone drafts.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hallucinating dream

Had a strange dream about me being in the US and not doing some things right etc, going through some time times in the office etc. Walked over to my bro Rahul and asked him am I hallucinating things as I was in the wedding hall itself for my cousins wedding. He smiled and said yes.
Weird weird dreams.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Birthday in India

Been long since that happened.
Only AB called at midnight to wish. I was so sleepy that I couldnt remember what I told her also.
Morning saw a silver bracelet lying on the table. Was a gift from my sister and Srijith. Wanted to take photos and send it to someone but realized that option was no longer there.
Got a call from Umesh. Was very happy to hear from him.
Then got into a very rough call with one person. Spoilt mood for the rest of the day and I almost thought the birth anniversary should coincide with my death anniversary.
Bike ride to Poojapura; had lunch at the orphanage.
Helped Sasi maman buy some stuff from Pazhavangadi and then dropped him back.

Got a couple more calls and pings... was glad to hear from a few folks.

Got to know news about Varun.

Later at night had a long phone conversation again. Wonder if this would change the course of my life and whether it should happen on my birthday itself.. Krishna...

Thanks for keeping me alive so far... The day wasnt that good. The year hasn't been so nice....
People, places, cars, dogs, work... the passion for everything has been lost.

I sincerely apologize for any sins committed, anyone I have intentionally or unintentionally hurt... You know me better than anyone else... Please be with me...

Friday, July 4, 2014

When facebook friends turn up in real life

Destiny plays in different ways to teach you things.
Saw a familiar face at the hitex bus stop.
It was Sarah from college. She was working with the green dot too.
Had a long conversation with her. Good to know different perspectives.
Reading The Alchemist for inspiration.
Krishna... Please be with me.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Disturbing solitude

Krishna... I'm seriously getting tired of feeling lonely and low.

July 1
got up really early.
Boarded flight to hyd.
Couldn't sleep well on flight.
Came in too early.
Some miscommunication with the air hostess over food.
Went to office directly from airport.
Nice to see a lot of old faces.
Nice to be coinciding this with my fifth anniversary.
Very impressed with Suma.
While having food at the cafeteria, got very nostalgic and lonely seeing groups sitting and eating.
Went to Monika's home with Tanay. Nice to see Ojas.
The flat was awesome. Community even better. When I see these families, makes me wish too..
Returned back with Luke.

July 2
Office. Caught up with Vijaya.
Had food with Suma, Deepthi and Vijaya. The kind of light conversations that happen.. These are never there onsite.
Got biometrics done. Long wait outside the consulate.
Night with Luke at inorbit. Did bowling and got three strikes. Ate mcd burger for dinner.

July 3
Morning to office.
Then to consulate for the interview. Long wait but went smooth. Returned back to office.
Some work.
Then to Broadcom office.
Then walked to F block.
From there walked to hotel. Wasn't satisfied with auto charges. Long walk. All the more reason to feel low.
Luke came over to say bye.
Tomorrow have some call to take.

Krishna.. Please help set things right. I'm missing You.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Engagement day

Sister's engagement day.
Didn't do a lot of action but was tiring.
Met my bro in law for first time.
Nice family.
Very humid day.
I didnt eat on first round.
Hence got charge of Indira. I'm still not used to holding kids, but getting the hang of it.
Glad that I could keep her happy. She didn't cry that's a big achievement.
Then got responsibility of entertaining devu. She is another smart kid so I didnt have to stress much.
Funny ceremonies that I dont understand.
Too much or photography. Hence I kept mine to a minimum.
Evening lot of physical labor with the remaining food stuff.
Then went to east fort to get the new kurta. I liked it.
Checked some flat details. Expensive.

Had got a call for work in the morning. But told it had to wait.
Night I got called again and worked for 30min to set some things right.

Krishna. Tomorrow trip coming up.